Really like this guy. Find his material on sport and performance psychology really good and extremely practical. He also has a wealth of experience and the academic qualifications to back it up. I’ve just finished his course on “The Psychology of Performance: How to be your Best in Life”, available on audible also; , and found it excellent. Lots of really useful tools and tips on many aspects of performance such as, the importance of values and goals, deliberate and mindful practice, anxiety, injury, confidence and motivation – issues that apply to any performer and relevant not just in sport but in career and life in general.. He presents very practical examples and useful exercises and details the valuable roles mindfulness training, imagery and self-talk can play in optimising performance. Coaches, teachers and parents will find this really beneficial, as well as anyone who wants to maximise their performance. Definitely one I will dip in and out of again and again.

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The Psychology of Performance